GRAY-NICOLLS Oblivion Stealth Wicketkeeping Pads


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To compliment the gloves, we have created the Oblivion Stealth Adult Wicket Keeping Pads for top class ‘keepers.

Made from premium lightweight HD foam, you will be able to move with speed and agility when wearing these wicketkeeping pads.

They feature 100% X-Lite HDF EVA bolsters with a PU cover, which give the pads incredible protection with next to no compromise in terms of weight. On top of this, we’ve added a dual layer of high density foam to key impact areas, negating the impact the hard ball can have.

The arch of the pad has a specifically engineered high design, to allow for the pad to sit comfortably on the top of the foot. Two two-inch straps will keep the pad closely wrapped around your leg, leaving you to focus on your wicketkeeping.


Premium lightweight HD foam pad

100% X-Lite HDF EVA bolsters with PU cover

Dual layer of HDF on key impact areas

High arch design and padded 2 inch straps

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 20 cm



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